Comedy Shows – San Diego

San Diego has a number of Comedy shows for entertaining people. These are places where one can unwind by drinking, eating and making merry while listening to humorous stuff. People can come in large or small groups.

The Mad Comedy Club
This is located on the top floor of Horton Plaza shopping center, Gaslamp, San Diego, California. They offer standup comedy shows 7 days a week. You need to make an advance booking for a show. The place offers to organize group parties for various events like corporate dinners, retirement parties, employee appreciation, birthdays, holiday events, anniversaries etc. There a varied menu to select food from. Any event should be organized and booked 90 days in advance. At least 100 tickets should be sold out for the event.

National Comedy Theatre
This place is located at 3717 India St, San Diego, California. The hosts of the comedy show are professionals who allow the audience to pick the theme and games to play during the show. The whole 90 minutes are interactive and it is a neat and clean show. No drinks are allowed and there is no bar on age limit. They have been in the field for the last two decades. There are also classes held for people who are interested in doing comedy shows. Special private events are also organized for special occasions like corporate celebration, get together, etc. Then the show is also tailored made for the occasion within the required budget.

Finest City Improv
Finest City Improv conducts shows only for adults. Only people above 17 years are permitted to watch them. Their cabaret style shows are scheduled from Thursday to Sunday nights.The shows are conducted as per the audience suggestions. Food and drinks are served to the audience at their seats. Full Bar services are offered from 7 p.m. onwards. It is located at 4250, Louisiana St, San Diego, California. Classes are also conducted on comedy shows. Soft skills are taught for Corporates.

The Comedy Palace
This place is for adults above 18 years only. They are a variety of shows running from Thursday to Sunday evenings. Themes for the shows are put up in advance and bookings can be made online. You have also an option to display your humor for 3 minutes for free on stage. Normally 20 people are given a chance to showcase their skills. They also have a calendar of events to help your planning. Food and drinks are also available at the venue for the audience.

House of Blues San Diego
This place is located at 1055, Fifth Avenue, San Diego. Every Wednesday you can drop in with friends and try out your musical skills. This is part of their Rockin Trivia program. A number of concerts and events are also organized here on a regular basis. There are also a restaurant and Bar which serves drinks and snacks. Some of the Sundays are special with the locals playing and a good brunch offer. The event is called Gospel Brunch and the theme is both traditional and contemporary.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Your Short Content Marketing Campaign Failed

I am, from time to time, asked to troubleshoot why someone’s Short Content marketing campaign has not been the success they had hoped for. Almost always, the cause of the problem falls within the scope of one of the following reasons. Here, in reverse order, are my top five reasons why content marketing campaigns fail:

# 5. You are not Short Content marketing:

Content marketing is marketing a business to achieve one or more goals of that business. If the achievement of your business goal is not the reason for producing your Short Content , you are blogging. That important distinction is not always understood.

Many Short Content creators do not understand the part content marketing plays in moving your prospects along your sales funnel. Different types of content are needed for each stage, that is for suspects, prospects, and retaining and selling again to existing customers. If you are not producing content that supports each stage in the sales process, you are not content marketing.

# 4. There is not a market for your product or service:

It never ceases to surprise me how many businesses fail because the founders did not do proper research to establish whether there was a market for their business and or whether their product or service met that need.

You can have a technically excellent product, but it will fail if no one wants to buy it. I once worked for a company that had such a product. Every prospect the sales force presented to said what a great idea it was, but they would not buy it. It was a solution looking for a problem. Then you have the other side of the coin: There is a market, but your product or service does not meet it. There is a problem, but you do not have the solution.

No matter how good your Short Content marketing is, your campaign will fail in its objective of acquiring new customers if:

  • There is no market for your product or service, or
  • If your product does not solve the customer’s problem.

# 3. You are publishing in the wrong place:

You must ensure that your Short Content gets to your target audience. You need to know:

  • Who your target audience is. That includes demographic information such as their age, gender, socio-economic group, whether they are likely to be married, and if they have a family;
  • Where they currently go to get information; and
  • How they prefer to consume data.

Let’s consider a couple of examples:

Example 1: You have a business that provides support for WordPress websites globally. Your target audience is likely to be business owners that already have, or intend to have a website on the WordPress platform. They are likely to be in the age group 24 to 54 years old, likely to be married and probably have a family. They are entrepreneurs, not software engineers.

You will find them on Linked In, and they probably also have a personal and business Face Book presence. They are also very likely to use mobile computing devices, which is their device of choice for consuming data.

You need to be publishing your Short Content in the places these people go to for answers to their WordPress problems, such as You Tube, podcasts (think iTunes, Sticher, Podcast Republic, and Zune to name but a few) – you could either have your own show or make guest appearances on other shows, SlideShare, writing articles (think long SlideShare documents, not just article directories), blogs, and forums for WordPress users.

Example 2: You provide an on-line tuition course in mathematics. Your target audience is likely to be school age children and their parents. They will have a personal Face Book presence and will probably also use one or more of the other popular social networking sites such as WhatsApp and Line. They are likely to have a Gmail account and also use You Tube.

The nature of your service lends itself to visual media, which is how this group prefers to consume data. Your target audience will be using sites such as Udemy and You Tube to find content.

The preferences of your target audience will determine where you need to publish your content, and predicate the medium you use to deliver your content. If your target audience prefers to consume visual content, text based content will not appeal to them and they will be much less likely to visit text based content sites.

Radio funny commercials

Wow. That commercial was so funny, it almost made me pull off the road and run into a pack of ducks waiting to cross the street. Thank goodness there was a stop sign there to prevent my car from running over the innocent quackers.

To some, that situation may evoke a feeling of dread and horror. To others the absurd setting and predicament is down right hilarious. Humor is in the eye of the beholder when it comes to radio funny commercials . What is funny to some will not be to others. The problem with most funny commercials designed to be funny is the fact that they are not “funny” at all.

The process often times goes like this.

    1. A professional script writing team comes up with a truly funny concept or theme for a commercial.
    1. It is then translated into a funny radio commercial script.
    1. The script is sent to the business requesting the funny commercials for review and feedback.
    1. The business passes it around to EVERYONE in side the office, close family members, second cousins and someone “Aunt Mary” who made an amazing taco dip for the fourth of July in 1993.
    1. The:30 second script is returned to the radio funny commercials production company with enough additions to make it last three minutes in length and resembling nothing of its original inception.
    1. The radio commercial production agency informs the client that they can not change laws of physics and needs to “edit the script for time”. The new edit is void of any humor because the client wants the 32 points made by staff and teenage daughter in the final commercial.
  1. Ad is approved, recorded and not funny at all.

How does one avoid this from happening to their radio ad?

Keep the circle of “feedback” small and limit it to the target demographic of the people you want to reach in the commercial. So if your message is going after a woman who is 35 and had 3 kids – ONLY pass the message by someone who fits that demo. If it is going after a 42 year old male hunter ONLY pass it by that type of person.

Getting feedback on a funny radio commercial from people who are not intended to find it funny will not be of any value to you. It will only put doubt into your mind as to the humor level of the commercial. Keep the feedback on target and your commercial will be on target.

The Key Behind Creating Amazing Motivational Short Films

The importance of motivational speeches and videos has been noted a long time ago leading many individuals from all over the globe to begin focusing on rendering the most inspirational and profound productions of this sort to captivate and allure their audiences and spread their message. The purpose of creating short films and bringing them forwards in front of an audience, crowd or team of employees, is that of creating a better and stronger bond between those persons and the idea that is portrayed in the clip. In order to truly touch all of the persons viewing any footage of this sort, the best motivational films of today must be made with a large amount of creativity and innovation; they must bring a fresh new approach and set a new perspective both in terms of content and in terms of presentation. In other words, the message of the clip is not the only thing that matters as there are other equally important aspects, such as the manner in which the ideas are presented and the choice of communicational tools. The key here is to create incredible short videos which have a tremendous power on anyone seeing them, so as to be sure their purpose is fulfilled. But how can a presentation appeal to all sorts of persons and stand out amongst the millions of other similar attempts of motivating individuals? The answer lies in trying out newer and more out of the box solutions such as the amazing idea of incorporating motion pictures and classic cinema movies as a reference in the inspirational stories created.

What can be a better or more alluring manner of bringing a topic to attention or putting a strong emphasis on a matter that must not be neglected? There are endless situations and particular moments when the use of cinematic references is possible and highly recommended, as a matter of fact. All of the modern motivational short films have the power to bring to life new ideas and induce old ones deep into the personal system of beliefs of those watching these inspiring presentations. There is only one secret or key to making your video stand out and get noticed amongst the great variety of inspiring short films or clips and that secret is strictly linked to the approach you choose to use. By getting rid of the ageing old recipe of persuasive music and similar imagery and trying out a totally new manner of thinking things, your audiences won’t even know they are listening to a motivational speech, but they will also assimilate its message and meaning faster and stronger than ever before.

If someone were to compare the reaction rendered by average individuals to seeing a normal video with inspiring lines and an amazing one created with cinema references, the latter would most definitely score higher because of the fact that individuals have the tendency to react more positively to the characters and situations they understand and are already familiar with. There are lessons to be learned in each and every great motion picture which was ever made, so why not take that valuable knowledge and turn it to our advantage?

Why Google Loves Responsive Dubai Web Design

No doubt, Google is one of the most powerful search engines that help you to search anything over the internet. It changes or updates its algorithm on a regular basis, which helps you in many ways. It is very helpful and provides you valuable suggestions to increase the ranking of a site. It now recommends almost every webmaster to design a mobile-friendly website that can easily support different web browsers.

Responsive Dubai Web Design is a way to crafting a site that is easy to read, navigate with minimum scrolling across a broad range of gadgets including tablets, iPhone, desktop, laptop, android, or any other gadget. In the cut-throat competition, it has become the necessity for almost every webmaster. There are so many reasons why Google loves or recommend a responsive web design. Have a look at the following points to know about those reasons.

Flexibility: Nowadays, most of the generation uses their smart gadgets to access the internet. So, if you want to increase the ranking of your site or want to drive a huge traffic then you have to adopt responsive Dubai Web Design. One of the major reasons why Google loves mobile-friendly website is that because it provides you the flexibility to support different web browsers and resize its screen as per the requirement of a gadget.

Quick navigation: Another major reason Google loves responsive Dubai Web Design  is that it actually shrinks or spreads as per the need of your responsive gadget, which in result make the work of navigation easier for a customer. Quick and simple navigation will definitely provide a better user experience to your customer and helps to increase its visibility on different search engines.

Minimize web page loading time: Google loves responsive Dubai Web Design is that it has inbuilt browser compatible feature, which helps to minimize the loading time of your webpage, which easily drive a huge traffic to your website.

What’s more reasons you need to make your website mobile-friendly? All above reasons are enough to convince that why Google actually recommend it and why you should adopt it. So, what are you waiting for? Consult, a leading Responsive Website Designing Company near you and be the part of the competitive market to get better results. It provides a better user-experience to your customer. It also helps to keep them happy and satisfy and attract them to come and visit your site over and over again.

Reasons Why You Need A Professional Web Design Company

A poorly designed website can be damaging for your brand because this is the first thing your potential customers see and judge you on. The website is your representative in the market and your direct link to your customers and it should therefore reflect nothing but the best for your company. For this reason, you need to pay attention to the construction of the site and everything you include in it to make sure that it sends the right message and image to your target audience. A professional web design company is your ultimate web solution for the following reasons.

It can offer you a custom design

Nothing is more valuable than having a website that is designed with your specific business needs in mind and this is what a web design firm will do for you. The expert web developers and designers listen to your needs and take the time to understand what the business is all about before offering you design services that will get the best for it. Whether you are looking to spread information, make online sales or enjoy walk in sales, the designers will choose the most suitable features for the site.

It will pay attention to visual web properties

What your customers see determines how professional and credible you look to them. A web design company ensures that your site has the best colors to attract attention and maintain it to the end. It will also take care of the text included on the site, ensuring that it remains uncluttered and organized to give a good navigation experience to your customers. A user friendly site is very important and the visual properties can play a huge role in this for your site.

It will use new technologies

The internet is ever changing and as an individual you might not know what the latest technological trends are making it harder for you to keep up with the demands of the market. However, when working with a professional web design company, you can be sure that the latest technologies are applied to attract and maintain your customers. You can for instance, have RSS feeds, videos and important links incorporated into the site to improve its performance. Keeping up with the trends can keep you ahead of competition.

It can offer you other services

Besides getting an attractive business site designed for you, web designers will ensure that it is SEO compliant to improve on your search engine rankings. The optimization ensures you are easily found which improves your traffic and conversion rates. You can also enjoy web hosting and marketing services from your company and have the site regularly updated on your behalf. The type of services you can enjoy besides the designing will depend on the company you have selected for your project, hence the need to make sure you choose the best. Relate your needs to the services offered and choose a firm that has the full potential of giving you an all-round solution.

The Virtual Alternative – Why A Virtual Assistant And Not An Employee?

A Virtual Assistant is a business owner who provides administrative support and specialized services to assist businesses and executives with their overflow. A Virtual Assistant can handle any task that is usually handled by an in house employee, but unlike an employee, a Virtual Assistant shares your goals to succeed in business; they only succeed if you succeed. But why would you want to work with a Virtual Assistant instead of having the physical presence of an employee?

No Hidden Costs

A Virtual Assistant takes care of all the usual employee related costs including such things as wage related costs, vacation pay, sick days, statutory holidays and benefits. Not only that, when you hire a Virtual Assistant, you are no longer required to pay overhead costs associated with an employee such as providing a computer and the associated software programs or even a desk. With an employee, these costs can add up to 50%-100% over the hourly rate of pay you are paying your employee. With a Virtual Assistant, what you see is what you pay; if the Virtual Assistant charges $35 per hour this is the price you pay.

No Time Commitments

Virtual Assistants can provide you with services on an as-needed basis. If you only require 1 or 2 hours of service this month, that is all you pay for. Where would you find an employee who is willing to work for just 1 to 2 hours per month? In most areas, labour laws require you to pay your employee(s) in 3 to 4 hour blocks of time. So even if you could find someone willing to work for just 1 day per month, you may have to find enough work to keep them busy for those hours or pay them even though they are not being utilized.


Most Virtual Assistants specialize in a niche area where they have experience and/or expertise. This allows you, as a business owner, to work with a highly skilled and experienced person no matter the task at hand. As a business owner you could easily utilize the services of several VAs, each with their own specialty. You could have one VA handling your bookkeeping, one maintaining your Web site and another still planning your corporate events and meetings.

No Wasted Time

Productivity inefficiencies are a huge concern for employers these days. Many employees, when asked, admit to wasting their employer’s time on such things as personal matters, surfing the Internet and socializing with other employees. With a Virtual Assistant you only pay for the time they are actually working on your job. When they are talking to their mother on the telephone, surfing the Internet or socializing, it is on their time and not yours. Many Virtual Assistants take this one step further and dedicate blocks of time completely to your job and will not even answer phone calls or emails during that dedicated time. When they are working on your project it has their complete and absolute attention until the task is completed.

Fellow Business Owner

Perhaps the most important consideration when comparing Virtual Assistants to employees is that unlike an employee, a Virtual Assistant is also a business owner like you. Both you and your Virtual Assistant are interested in achieving success because as your partner they only succeed if you succeed. VAs, more than employees, understand what it takes to run a successful business.

Remember, however the biggest advantage to working with a Virtual Assistant is that you are not limited by the talent pool within your geographical area. Thanks to technological advances, your Virtual Assistant can be the person that best fits your needs and personality, regardless of whether they are in the next state or province, on the other side of the country or even in a completely different country than you are.

The Rise of the Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance services are increasingly becoming a viable and regular option for business owners to bring in additional help to reach their short-term and long-term business goals. Virtual assistants offer their services remotely, or at a distance, by using computers, software, Internet tools, email, documentation, and phone meetings to interact with their clients and provide the final products. The virtual part is made possible by Internet conferencing and collaboration tools in partnership with cellular, wireless and other networking advances available today. Services that used to be only possible on location can be administered from a distance. It seems like we are getting closer to the visions of science fiction every day.

With the economic shifts and company downsizing of recent years, people have had to strike out on their own and offer their skills as independent agents. More and more experienced professionals are cutting the commute and offering their skills while working from home. For both traditional employees as well as virtual assistants, working at home is a perk because cities are so congested with traffic that people can spend a full eight-hour day each week just driving to work. With technical talent being in short supply nationwide, information technology resources are being scooped up quickly making it harder for smaller and rural businesses to find the help they need. These brave virtual assistant pioneers are part of a rapidly growing movement that allows people to work from anywhere while improving their work life balance and saving valuable resources by cutting out the commute.

There are many benefits to hiring virtual assistants. First, businesses can draw talent from further away than having to rely only on those who live nearby. Most important to business owners, virtual employees do not require the overhead involved with keeping a permanent employee. Once you have found your perfect virtual assistant then they will continue to be ready and willing to get started on your work with a little notice very little overhead. All you have to do is take the time to research to find the virtual assistant with the right skill set. Don’t skimp on this step because it’s an investment in the future. When done properly, you will find a talented employee that will participate in your success. Their success is your success. All that remains to achieve results are good communications, complete documentation and regular meetings to keep everything moving forward.

Are Their Limitations of a Virtual Assistant?

With the advent of the internet, we have entered a time where we are in a 24/7 economy. The saying used to be “the sun never sets on the British Empire,” but these days the sun doesn’t set on anything online. E-Commerce and internet shopping have created an extremely different landscape for businesses, business owners, and entrepreneurs. The internet has also opened new doors for working online. There are many companies that specialize in outsourcing virtual jobs and online assistant services. The tasks that you are able to outsource are only limited by your imagination. If you don’t believe it yourself, do a quick search for Virtual Assistant reviews and take a look for yourself.

With an online assistant you can outsource things like research, upkeep, copywriting, blogs, social media, web design, graphic design, music & video production. Anything that you can dream of. Especially now with broadband internet you are able to communicate with someone across the world as if they were in the same room, allowing you to get your point across without endless emails.

Now you might be thinking that it is strange and out of the ordinary to outsource work virtually. You might have a lot of questions, which is completely and totally normal. It is smart to be a little bit skeptical of a virtual assistant. Some common questions are, will they complete the job? Will they have access to my information? How do I pay them? Don’t fret, all of the credible websites that broker or outsource virtual jobs and online assistant services come with a guarantee or insurance policy in place just like any other contracted service. These sites and broker services also offer Virtual Assistant reviews for all of their clients and contractors. These contractors have been vetted by the websites to ensure that they comply with their clients and complete the jobs as desired.

You might be wondering how the process works. Typically, you will have to make an account with the broker website. You will usually have to register a credit card for verification purposes. After this, you will post a job. You will list the price, expected length, and other various requirements for the job. Once posted, different clients will all bid on the job. They will bid with their prices, expected turn around time, and their qualifications. Once you receive some bids, you are able to look at each client, review their portfolio of work for the site, their qualifications, resume, and also go through all of the feed back and reviews left by previous clients. Once you choose a client, the job will begin and you will wait until they turn in the assignment. Once completed, you will review the work done and if you find it satisfactory you will be charged for the job.

Some limitations of virtual assistants would be measured personally. It would make sense that to hand over all of your banking information to online assistant services to do your taxes or accounting. Also, virtual assistants cannot be privy to your life and cannot complete virtual jobs that are hyper specific to you. It is best to outsource work that you are able to complete yourself, but would enjoy the convenience of not performing yourself.

Creating a Virtual Assistant Invoice

10 Ways to Ensure Your Invoice is Correct and You Get Your Payment When Due

Once you’ve completed your assigned Virtual Assistant services the logical next step is to create an invoice and bill your clients for the work you’ve done.

Obviously your invoice is your accounting record of money owed into your business from your clients, but there is a lot more to invoicing correctly than just the dollar figure at the bottom.

Let’s begin at the top and work through some things you should include on your invoices – though most of this information will have been included in your signed booking form.

1. Professionally Presented

Your invoice is the part of your business your clients see, so make sure it’s presented as professionally as possible. The payment figure at the foot of your invoice is the obvious item every client looks for, but the peripheral details will register in their minds, whether they recognise it or not.

2. Business Details

Your name or the name of your registered business needs to be placed at the top of each invoice you generate. Beneath this you’ll need to add your complete contact details, such as your mailing address, phone number and email address.

3. Client Details

Beneath your letterhead add the full contact details of the client.

This is where you’ll list the client’s company or business name, contact person’s name and address details. If you have a phone number for their company you can add this too.

4. Invoice Date

Include an invoice date at the top of each invoice. The invoice date tells your client when the bill was made out and your terms and conditions will then tell your client what time frame they have from the invoice date in which to pay your bill.

5. Invoice Number

Use invoice numbers to identify every invoice you create for reference purposes. This will help with tracking any payments coming into your business and also help to identify any overdue payments.

6. Invoice Details

ist exactly what work you conducted and completed for your client and describe the task in some detail. This attention to detail protects you and your business from any discrepancies or issues that may arise between you and your clients in regard to your costs and services provided.

7. Payment Currency

Virtual Assistants may have clients in different countries around the world. Some of those businesses for whom you provide services will pay in a different currency to your own local currency.

If this is the case, specify in which currency your invoice is made out. You need to be certain you’re not under-quoting your services by switching currencies without realising it.

8. Payment Details

Your clients won’t know how to pay you if you don’t include these details on your invoice. As this is your business, you can select your preferred method of payment. You might choose to request payment via cheque or you might prefer the convenience of PayPal payment. The choice is yours.

9. Terms and Conditions

It is important you include a complete set of terms and conditions for payment on your invoice. You can list them either on the back of your invoice or as a separate page. These terms tell your client how long from the original invoice date they have until your invoice needs to be paid.

10. Format

Your virtual assistant work is carried out virtually, so most clients will be fine with you sending your invoice electronically. To protect your business against any future issues, create your invoice using a Word document and then convert it to a PDF file. Not only is a PDF file an easier format to print for their records, but it also protects you against any changes that might be made without your authority.